1. BulletFeatures-

  2. BulletAutodesk Wiretap access to Fire/Flame/Flint/Inferno/Smoke framestores.

  3. BulletNon-Destructive Frame Burnin (visible or within QT Player controller).

  4. BulletNon-Destructive Letterbox with any user input aspect ratio.

  5. BulletAbility to delay Frame Burnin and Letterbox to account for slates.

  6. BulletCrop video to a given aspect ratio.

  7. BulletAutomatic Notification on completion of each encode via iChat or E-Mail.

  8. BulletAutomatic Intelligent version naming.

  9. BulletAutomatic Format and Pixel Ratio detection.

  10. BulletBypass compression/scaling to quickly letterbox/frame burn clips for DVD.

  11. BulletNo installation or configuration on server neccessary.

  12. BulletIntelligent use of mutli-cores/processors.

  13. BulletIntelligent caching of network files.

  14. BulletUse any 3rd party Quicktime codec installed on your Mac. (i.e. Sorenson Pro, Flip for Mac WMV)

  15. BulletMac OSX 10.4.x  (Universal Binary)