tether demo video #4 - Basic Usage

  1. BulletTransfer any Quicktime readable file into StoneFS, any codec.

  2. BulletAccess to clips on Autodesk StoneFS in any Quicktime application.

  3. BulletReal-time uncompressed directly off StoneFS over gigabit ethernet.

  4. BulletAutomatic transfer of all media referenced by FCP timeline XML.

  5. BulletEmbedded a secondary clip as alpha in tether clips.

  6. BulletNo installation or configuration on Autodesk system neccessary.

  7. BulletStoneFS like file browser for familiar workflow.

  8. BulletIntegrated clip viewer.

  9. BulletCompatible with Wiretap 1.7, 2007 - 2010.

  10. BulletMac OSX 10.5 (10.4 is legacy.  While tether does work, we will not provide support.)